Summer is a Good Time to Visit Hawaii

Summer is a good time to visit Hawaii! Here are 5 reasons why.

These guests from Europe had fun picking their own pineapple in 2018
Chill out with a book and a cool cocktail in Kona, Hawaii
  1. Pineapple harvest! Guests are fascinated by our urban pineapple plantation. Many folks say “we thought pineapple grows on trees!” Nope—pineapples grow as bromeliads, on the ground. The plants flower in mid-winter, and the fruit is generally ready throughout the summer. When possible, we send guests into the plantation to pick their own. And the taste of a homegrown fresh Hawaiian pineapple will make you say “wow” every time.

  2. Summer weather in Hawaii is often cooler than many mainland locations. This is hard for people to get their heads around, but despite the tropical location, our trade winds generally keep Hawaii at a very comfortable temperature, even in the summer—certainly compared to many US mainland locations that are in the 90s or 100+ range. Our Kona summer daytime highs are usually in the mid to upper 80s (around 30 Celsius). Of course temperatures can go higher, but we still find all that’s needed is a breeze (or a fan) and some shade. And perhaps a cool cocktail!

  1. Warm ocean water. Hawaii’s beaches are warm year ‘round, but summer brings even warmer water which is super fun to play in! Kona Guest House is very near Magic Sands Beach; you can be in the water there within about five minutes!

  1. Fewer crowds mean Hawaii is more affordable. While summer isn’t exactly low season in Hawaii, its not as busy as winter. This means that rental cars and accommodations – including our place – are generally at a lower rate than in Hawaii high-season (winter). The Hawaii kids are also out of school, so some families leave the island on their summer vacations elsewhere. We find it feels very laid-back. And isn’t that what you want in a vacation??

  2. Last-minute airfare deals to Hawaii. We have recently seen round-trip airfare from the Mainland to Kona for under $400—that’s a very good value! And we’ve seen some very good deals from as far away as New York and Japan. We recommend signing up for airline deal alerts from Alaska Airlines (Alaska has more capacity to Hawaii than any other airline), as well as Kayak and Secret Flying.

See the lei on the Eskimo? Alaska Airlines is a great way to get to Hawaii from many USA west coast destinations.

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