Gay Kona Hawaii: Gay Beaches, Bars, LGBTQ resources,The most-gay friendly place in Hawaii
outside of Honolulu!


Kona Guest House (gay-friendly Hawaii hotel and B&B alternative) – that’s us! If we are full, we’ll refer you to other gay-owned or gay-friendly lodging.

Kona Hawaii Gay Dining

  • Daylight Mind Coffee Company. Arguably the best breakfast/brunch in town. Not specifically gay, but certainly friendly. It’s our personal fave. Outstanding setting.

  • Splasher’s Grill. Gay management. The views are nice and the food is decent.

  • Foster’s Kitchen. Gay management, and very gay-popular. Great vistas.

  • Huggo’s. Long-time Kona legendary dining, now owned/managed by the founder’s gay son and his husband. The setting is lovely, good food.

Kona Hawaii Gay Bars

  • Mask-querade. Think Cheers (from TV). But smaller and gay/lesbian. This spot is ultra-local, and can be a total blast or a total bust. Karaoke is a big thing here, and it can get really loud…but it’s always fun.

  • My Bar. Is it or isn’t it? The gay owners of this strangely-named spot want it to be all-welcoming, and who can blame them? My Bar is known for their good (if waaaay too loud DJs), easily the best on the island. The crowd is eclectic…you just have to be prepared to be rejected when you flirt if he turns out to be, ahem, “straight.”

  • Oceans Sports Bar. There is nothing gay about this place. And yet we frequently go there for their cheap taco nights and margaritas, and almost always bump into other gays. Not to mention one of our friends has gotten lucky in their restroom… not that we endorse that sort of silliness.

Kona Hawaii Gay Nightlife and Entertainment

  • The aforementioned My Bar for DJs and dancing.

  • Aloha Theatre. Kona’s local community theatre puts on shockingly good productions—both musicals and straight plays. The season is 5-6 shows, and the historic theatre itself is worth your time.

Kona Hawaii Gay Beaches (um, make that gay-ish)

Here on Big Island, gays tend to hang at the mainstream beaches—and find the tribe in other ways. But when they want to feel a little more free, the options are...

  • Old Airport State Park Beach. This is a pretty beach just past the north end of “downtown” Kailua-Kona. The sand is gritty and the swimming is iffy, but we are told the north end of the beach, into the rocks, can sometimes be cruisey.

  • Beach 67. Very near the ultra-mainstream (and spectacular) Hapuna Beach. 67, so named for a nearby power pole’s number, is a tiny spit of sand, partially obscured by cliffs and trees, and a place where die-hard naturalists can do what they do. Very hit-and-miss.

  • Kehena Beach. For many years, this lovely black sand has been the de-facto gay beach on the Big Island. It is in the Puna region, about two hours from the house.

  • Pololu Valley. One of the most-beautiful places on earth. In our opinion, it’s an excellent option instead of visiting Waipio Valley (where there are just too many Jeeps full of tourists, not to mention local landowners yelling at you for trespassing). Pololu is a place you could easily get naked for a while, especially in the trees above the beach, but even on the beach. There is no police enforcement of anything down there—there is also no cellular/mobile service and search and rescue would take a looooong time to show up. We strongly advise against swimming at Polulu; the currents are strong, unpredictable, and dangerous.


Other Kona Hawaii LGBT resources:

  • Kona Gay Pride: various events are planned throughout the summer of 2019, culminating in a Pride Festival weekend Sept. 14, 2019.

  • Kona LGBTQ Support page on Facebook. Many events and announcements are made via this page.

  • HiHaf: the Big Island HIV support organization.

  • For additional LGBT resources throughout the state of Hawaii, visit our friends at