Hawaii State Hotel / Tourist Tax, explained


While we don't provide breakfast, we are very similar to a Kona Hawaii bed and breakfast or bnb, b&b. We are an excellent gay or LGBT alternative to expensive Kona hotels and Big Island resorts.

The government of the State of Hawaii requires that hotels, B&Bs, and home-share rentals such as ours collect a tax of 14.25%, which we remit to the State of Hawaii. As a licensed business* in Hawaii, we comply with this law. 

On rare occasion, a guest will say they were unaware of the taxes. We clearly note our tax collection method in our Airbnb House Rules, ensuring that ALL guests are aware of it at the time they book our place. We use this method as it is the one thing Airbnb requires ALL guests to certify that they have read and agree to at the time of booking.  

The government does not currently allow Airbnb, Misterbnb, and similar sites to collect and remit the tax on our behalf.

While ALL hosts are required to collect and remit the tax to the state, the method they use for collecting it is up to the host. Hosts who understand the seriousness of taxes opt to collect the tax separately, as we do, thus providing a messaging and "paper trail" for the government, when necessary. Some hosts may be breaking the law and not paying the tax to the state. This has often been in the news, and is a point of much discussion within the current government. These hosts--and guests who choose to stay with them--are putting the existence of Airbnb at risk in the state of Hawaii.

We only charge tax on the amount Airbnb** remits to us. Some Airbnb hosts may claim the tax is "included" in the rate. In these cases Airbnb is actually able to take a commission on the tax, costing both the host and the guest more. 


Additionally, we believe travelers should aware of the taxes they pay, as those monies help build and maintain the airport, roads, water system, parks, emergency services, and many other features that are a part of your travel experience.

Thanks for your understanding.

Randall & Denni

*Hawaii State business & tax ID number: TA/GE 180-981-7600-01

**The term "Airbnb" throughout this article encompasses all home-share rental "platforms" which we may utilize now, past, or in the future.