Big Island Hawaii is very gay-friendly
(and now you know where to stay).

If you're like many gay travelers, you've been there, done that on Maui and Oahu, the two heavily marketed Hawaiian islands. The Big Island may remain something of a mystery... what's "over there?"

We invite you to come find out. Stay with us in sunny Kona, and let our insider island-knowledge send you on your way each day into a version of Hawaii that exists only on the Big Island.

This place is both easy and complex.


The easy part first...

  • Laid-back, old-school Hawaii

  • Spectacular beaches with a fraction of Maui's masses 

  • Tiny plantation towns where you might still snag a true retro-Aloha shirt

  • Old-school dining where tutus (grandmas) from another era still helm the kitchen stove

The more complex part...

  • A society that supports the only gay bars in Hawaii outside of Honolulu

  • A strong trans community--known in Hawaiian as "mahu"

  • Life alongside the world's most-active volcano (and one of our favorite things!)

  • A land-mass that is huge in relation to the other islands, all of which could fit onto the Big Island with room to spare.

  • The majority of the planet's micro-climates, all on this one island

  • Beaches of many colors: black, gray, green, white