Kona & Big Island Activities -- our faves

Activities on the Big Island include classic Hawaiian beaches and so much more. 

All the other islands of Hawaii could fit onto the Big Island with room to spare, and yet our island is home to only 180,000 people. (By comparison, relatively tiny Oahu/Honolulu has a population of apx. one million). That means our island provides room to play. Beaches that you sometimes get to yourself. Mountains that almost touch the stars and exquisite smaller hills and trails to hike. Arguably the world's finest coffee and macadamia nuts. Plus the planet's most-active volcano regularly puts on quite a show.

Around town, Kailua-Kona is home to an outstanding jazz lounge, sports bars, and more. Our Aloha Theatre presents delightful shows, and there's often a hula show or luau somewhere in town. We have great foodie options nearby. Yeah...there's a lot to see -- and do -- here.

Or you can just chill on the oceanview deck, mai tai in hand. Or explore our tropical yard, which includes our "urban farm" pineapple plantation, papaya trees, banana trees, citrus, and numerous fragrant flowers. 

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